Olive oil is a Mediterranean thing, and it is no surprise that Spain produces and consumes plenty of it. But only a few know that Spain’s virgin olive oil output is twice as that of Greece, Italy, and Tunisia combined. I don’t say it, International Olive Council declares it 🙂

Here are a few details on Spanish olive oil:

  1. Approximately 70% of all Spanish olive oil comes from Jaén, a city in south-central Spain.
  2. Greeks win when it comes to consuming the largest quantity of olive oil. Nevertheless, Spaniards consume quite a bit as well, that is 10 liters annually! They are the second on the list.
  3. There are 200+ varieties of olives found in Spain, among which 24 are regularly used in the oil making process. Each type of olive gives out a distinct, delicious flavor. Most common ones include Picual olive, Farga olive, and Morrut olive. I have heard people saying that Picual is the most common type and is also the healthiest.
  4. I haven’t counted them one by one, but I read once that there are approximately 300 million olive trees in Spain.
  5. Spanish Olive Oil Cake is worth trying 🙂 HERE is the recipe.

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