Are you interested in applying for an MBA in Spain and cannot decide where?

Do you want to enroll to a language school and start learning Spanish?

Are you considering to apply for an internship program in Spain?

Whether you want to do your Erasmus here or want to apply for a degree program or anywhere in between, I am happy to help you with your research, application, and registration.

Why me? The answer is simple: I studied abroad in top institutions around the world from high school to grad school and I have done so with full scholarships.

Stop googling around.  I can provide you information that would not be on the websites of various programs that are simply trying to market themselves.

My goal is to help you save time and money through:

  • Informing you about the application process and documentation needed
  • Helping you decide on the best program that suits your needs
  • Reviewing your paperwork
  • Assisting you with the translation of your documents
  • Ensuring that your application process goes smoothly

Please contact me for more detailed information.

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