Hello 🙂 I’m Meltem.

I am an Istanbulite who is currently living in Barcelona, Spain. Before I moved here, I spent years in Detroit, Trieste, Rome, Florence, Paris, Cairo, Yerevan, Utrecht, and Eindhoven.

From a foreigner’s perspective, I’m sharing my experiences about what it is like to live in Spain today, and in doing so, engage in the process of Becoming Spanish.

My goal is to provide information that would not be on the websites of various programs that are simply trying to market themselves.

Admittedly, I also write and podcast about random stuff about Spain that I find genuinely interesting.

Contact me on social media or write me an email at meltemnaz@gmail.com if you want a free consultation or if you want me to cover a specific topic in my articles and podcasts.

Thanks for stopping by!

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