“My husband is Spanish.”

“Aha… How did you meet him?” 

Manuela continues: “I met him on a beach in Mexico when he was on vacation. I was already 49. You see, I already had a son who was old enough to get married.”

She reaches for her smartphone and shows me a picture of her son along with her nephew. They are by a swimming pool and seem to be enjoying themselves.

“Do you realize that his skin is just as smooth as mine?”

Manuela hadn’t had the intention to get married when she met her prospective husband. “Who would believe it? I was the oldest of 5 sisters. They hadn’t had their first marriages yet.” 

At first, they became friends. Soon he went back to Spain. They started to make phone calls, send letters. Then one day he invited her to Spain for vacation. She had no money! He paid for all the costs including the plane ride and accommodation. She says it was like a dream.

Nevertheless, even if Manuela and her Spanish lover were a step closer to each other, she got melancholic after her vacation ended. “Okay, we will have no more of each other anymore. He satisfied his desire for me. This dream must be finished.”

She was feeling blue until out of nowhere she received his marriage proposal! Manuela goes too fast explaining the details of how and where exactly they got married. Also, my Spanish is not advanced enough to animate the scene in my mind in order to better understand it. Please forgive me.

Now, Manuela is happy here in Barcelona with her husband despite the cold. They have been married for 13 years already. “ Life here is very beautiful! We make a lot of money. On the contrary, in Mexico, we had nothing. Oh, such a misery!”

“You say that but do you forget how you are away from your country? Your son, sisters, loved ones…” 

“Okay, but what’s the use of my staying in Mexico with my family when I can’t help them? We remain together but hungry. However, now, I am able to help them. I feel the joy of sending them money every month.”

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