Aristotelianism. any  change involving  realization  of potentialities

Hello :) My name is Meltem. It means breeze in Turkish. What inspires me for this website is to create content, mostly from immigrants’ perspective, that flows and is honest about what it is like to live in Spain today, and in doing so, engage in the process of becoming Spanish. I welcome your comments here or on Twitter (@MeltemBarcelona), and if you have a story to tell, I would love to meet you for coffee!

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(adjective) of or relating to Spain and its people (noun) a Romance language, and the language of Spain

Gözlerimi kapattığımda ve ülkemi düşündüğümde, savaş silahı olarak tecavüzün normal olduğu, dünyanın şiddetini görmüş, ancak buna rağmen neşeli ve yeşil bir arazi düşlüyorum. 

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Los padres Africanos hacen mucho coaching a sus niños en casa y dicen cosas como “Van a decir que sois animales pero vosotros tenéis que demostrar que sois educados e inteligentes.” En Castellón, aprendí a luchar para mí. Ser educada y hablar castellano bien era mi arma.

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